RedMoringa – The story

Why we grow Moringa in Spain

After careful evaluations and research, in 2019 we learned that the Canary Islands and the South of Spain are the European territories where the best atmospheric, soil and environmental conditions exist for the cultivation of the Moringa plant.

Although Moringa is an exceptional plant no matter where it is grown, we wanted to make sure that our products are grown according to the European organic standard. For this RedMoringa is certified Organic by an Italian control body, Inoq, which guarantees that the entire supply chain, from the grower to the warehouse, complies with the BIO standards.

Why we have chosen to grow organic Moringa

Moringa-based food supplements have met with strong domestic demand in Europe in the last two years, especially from Germany, Austria, Italy and the Netherlands. This demand is now mainly covered by suppliers from West Africa and India, which however usually do not apply the rigorous quality controls required in Europe and do not comply with the regulations for organic certification required by the European Union and appreciated by the consumer.

Our idea of growing Moringa in the Canaries and producing the supplements in Italy wants to differentiate itself from the competitive ones, through a unique strategy regarding the product quality. In fact, following the recommendations of the European Union for organic production, we distinguish our product with the ‘EU Agriculture‘ brand, valid throughout the Union market, which certifies the origin and ecological and organic cultivation, without using of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Our raw material, Red Moringa, is also subject to the controls of the Canary Islands Institute for Agri-food Quality (ICCA), a European authority that certifies the origin and production.

Why we produce in Italy

The market for food supplements and cosmetics is immense, you can find any plant, root, powder, compound, both online and on the shelves of specialized supermarkets.

We believe that the reason a consumer buys a dietary supplement is to improve its health and live a healthier life. Hence our choice: to produce Moringa-based Food Supplements in Italy with organic and certified raw materials in Europe.

Although it is not the best choice from an economic point of view, given that production in Italy has decidedly higher costs than the countries where Moringa normally comes from, such as India and Africa, we are convinced that it is the best choice in terms of quality because we want to offer to our customers high quality, certified and safe food supplements based on Moringa Oleifera, which really help those who decide to take them and live a healthier life.

This also applies to our Moringa-based cosmetics, produced in Italy in collaboration with a historic company near Turin (yes we are from Turin) famous all over the world for its natural products. Our laboratories have extracted a Peptide from Moringa, which has incredible anti-aging properties and combined with the highest quality ingredients, forms the basis of the RedMoringa natural cosmetic line.