After careful evaluations and researches, we have become aware that the Canary Islands are the European territory where the best weather, soil and environmental conditions exist for the cultivation of the Moringa plant.

This combination of ideal circumstances makes it possible to achieve very high productivity returns on the island of Tenerife, due above all to the subtropical climate in the south of the island, which allows a flourishing growth of the Moringa trees characterized by the presence of red leaves, due to the volcanic soil.

The Canary Islands are practically the only territory of the European Union with pedoclimatic characteristics suitable for the survival of the Moringa plant, conditions that remain in fact optimal throughout the year, especially during the months from April to November. The nature of the volcanic soil of the archipelago favors the richness of the active ingredients and the product obtained is thus of superior quality compared to that cultivated on the continent.


The product has experienced strong internal demand in Europe in the last two years, especially from Germany, Austria, Italy and the Netherlands. Today, this demand is mainly covered by suppliers from West Africa and India, which however usually do not apply the strict quality controls required in Europe and do not comply with the organic certification regulations appreciated from the consumer and required by the European Union.

Our initiative strives to differentiate itself from the competitive ones, through a unique strategy regarding the quality of the product. Following in fact the recommendations of the European Union for organic production, we will distinguish our product with the brand ‘EU Agriculture’, valid throughout the EU market, which certifies the origin and the ecological and organic cultivation, without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Our raw material, the Red Moringa, is also subject to the controls of the Canary Institute for Agri-Food Quality (ICCA), a European authority that certifies the origin and production.