Moringa shampoo: what are its functions and why choosing it


Having strong, healthy and shiny hair is everyone’s dream, men and women, because having a thick and well-groomed hair has always been a synonymous of beauty and good health, regardless of the gender to which you belong. This is why more and more people choose targeted treatments, such as Moringa shampoo, to obtain excellent results.

In fact, hair care is fully part of personal care: exactly as you follow a beauty routine to keep the skin of the body and face healthy and elastic, in the same way pamper your hair with targeted products, preferably based on natural extracts as in the case of Moringa shampoo, is a great way to preserve its beauty over time, avoiding widespread problems as the years progress, such as hair loss, a plague that affects both men and women.

In the various decades, hair has followed different styles and fashions: from the era of long and wild hair typical of the 70s to the teased ones of the 80s up to the minimal hair of the 90s or more unconventional of the 2000s, hair is changed under the influence of fashion and society. However, what has remained unchanged is the importance of having strong and healthy hair, that only a constant care can achieve. But what are the essential products for having beautiful hair and what are the benefits of using Moringa shampoo? Let’s find out together.


Moringa extract for hair: all the benefits

Let’s start by explaining why Moringa shampoo is so special: to make it an excellent remedy to get thick and shiny hair is undoubtedly the Moringa extract which is not just a superfood, thanks to its numerous beneficial properties for the body, but also a super effective natural remedy to keep hair healthy.

This is thanks to the quantity of essential vitamins and minerals necessary to provide the hair with all the nutritional properties it needs. The Moringa plant, in fact, the extract of which is then used to make the Moringa shampoo, is rich in vitamin A, zinc, silicon, B vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin E. What are the functions of these vitamins found in the shampoo with Moringa? Vitamin A deficiency, essential for scalp and hair health, often causes skin thickening, dry and brittle hair and dandruff. Therefore, the presence of vitamin A in Moringa shampoo, together with zinc and silicon, allows hair to be kept healthy by regulating the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Zinc in particular allows the hair follicles to be kept healthy, promoting correct hair growth. The Moringa extracts contained in the Moringa shampoo are also rich in vitamins of group B, but also C and E, essential for maintaining the health of the scalp, the structure of the hair and the system of sebaceous glands and hair bulbs, without forgetting that vitamin C in particular contributes to the regularization of blood circulation, the first key element for having strong and healthy hair. Among other things, Moringa extract protects the hair formidably from pollution and stress.


Moringa shampoo: why choose it and how to use it

Moringa shampoo is a real natural cosmetic excellence, able to gently wash the hair leaving it stronger, healthier and shinier. The bottle comes with a light red tensiolyte and detergent formulation, with the unmistakable and enveloping scent of Moringa. The particular composition of the Moringa shampoo, containing numerous natural extracts such as Moringa in fact, but also aloe vera and Argan oil, nourishes the hair from root to tip, strengthening it and leaving it stronger and healthier.

Not only that: the Moringa shampoo performs an effective cleansing action, but also nutritious and antipollution action, effectively protecting the hair from the aggression of external agents, first of all smog and pollution, but also from stress. The formulation has in fact been specifically designed to combat the effect of exhaust gases and UV rays, while preventing the deposition of micro-particles produced by pollution that risk depositing on the hair, suffocating and weighing it down, removing oxygen and making it opaque and extinguished.

At the same time, Moringa shampoo gives the hair a conditioning and fortifying effect, specially designed for normal or damaged hair. So the Moringa Olifera shampoo is an excellent nourishing and strengthening treatment capable of restoring tone, vigor and shine of the hair, especially to those stressed by environmental conditions but also by permanent, aggressive and repeated coloring over time. Moringa shampoo in fact repairs the hair fiber and protects it from pollution, stress and UV rays. To obtain effective results it is recommended to use a small amount to be emulsified with warm water, to be gently massaged for a few minutes on the scalp and lengths before rinsing.


Moringa shampoo: why it’s so effective

The effectiveness of the Moringa shampoo is primarily due to the presence of Moringa seed extract, with a high nourishing, moisturizing and antioxidant power, perfect for taking care of the beauty of scalp and hair thanks to the presence of behenic acid, a fatty acid with a high nourishing power. Among other things, the extract is a peptide obtained from the extraction of Moringa Oleifera seeds without the use of chemical solvents, but by means of hydroglycerine, therefore very effective and safe. Secondly, the Moringa shampoo also contains Pomegranate extract, Argan oil and Rice proteins.

Pomegranate is a fruit rich in vitamin E, polyunsaturated fatty acids and in particular punicic acid, but which also contains flavonoids, phytohormones and phytosterols. All these elements contribute to nourish the hair and to give vigor, tone and shine in all those cases where the hair appears weak, dull and fragile. Argan oil mechanically cold extracted from the fruits of the Argania Spinosa plant is a real treasure trove of quality: it has antioxidant properties, it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins.

Its presence in the Moringa shampoo therefore has an emollient, moisturizing and elasticising action, plus it strengthens the hair making it less exposed to external aggressions. Finally, the rice proteins, extracted from grains that are rich in starches, mineral salts and vitamins, have a moisturizing function and interesting protective properties against the hair, able to fortify them and give them volume, but also to hydrate them avoiding the formation of unsightly nodes.


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