Moringa: 10 reasons to take this superfood every day


Taking Moringa every day? Absolutely yes! But what is Moringa?

Known as the “horseradish or radish tree”, the moringa (whose scientific name is Moringa Oleifera) is an Indian plant included in the Moringaceae family. Its cultivation, widespread especially in Latin America, Ethiopia and the Philippines, is promoted by FAO because of the high nutritional power enclosed in the plant itself, which is effectively used in food programs against malnutrition.

Of the moringa plant, which is almost completely edible, it is possible to consume flowers, fruits, seeds and leaves. From the latter, in particular, we obtain the famous moringa powder very much appreciated in the West.

Furthermore, with the moringa leaves, valid supplements are packaged in the form of blistered capsules. From the seeds, instead, we obtain the moringa oil exploited both as a condiment and as a wellness elixir for the skin and hair. The moringa, in essence, possesses all the characteristics of an authentic “superfood”: it is a concentrate of energy and constitutes a real cure-all for health and beauty. Let’s discover, then, 10 good reasons to take moringa every day starting from the analysis of its nutritional properties and its consumption modalities.

What the properties of Moringa are?

Among the nutritional properties of the moringa it should be noted first of all its high protein content: the leaves of this miraculous plant provide, in fact, vegetable proteins and all the 8 essential amino acids together with other precious elements such as vitamins, mineral salts (calcium, potassium, sodium, manganese, zinc), antioxidants (as many as 46) and anti-inflammatory substances (including Caffeilchinic Acid and quercetin).

More specifically, moringa leaves abound with vitamins B (niacin, pantothenic acid, thiamine, folate, pyridoxine and riboflavin) which are very important for muscle tone and firmness of the skin. The content of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin K is also remarkable in the same leaves.

How is moringa used?

We have already mentioned it: almost every part of the moringa plant can be integrated into the daily diet.

The moringa leaves, which have a slightly spicy scent, comparable to that of the radish, can be added raw in salads or can be cooked and used in soups. Even the moringa flowers (raw) can enrich the salads and from them you can even get a delicious honey.

As for the moringa seeds, the latter, contained within the pods, can be either roasted or boiled: their taste can remember that of chickpeas or peas. From the seeds, as mentioned above, the moringa oil is extracted, a vegetable mixture with a sweet and delicate taste which can be used both as a condiment for different dishes and as a component of cosmetic preparations.

In particular, the moringa oil is a valid ally of hair health and if added to soaps or creams, it increases its moisturizing, toning and antioxidant effect. The fruits of the moringa, as Indian cuisine teaches, are excellent boiled and can be used both as a simple side dish and as ingredients for soups.

Moringa Oleifera as a supplement: the practicality of the capsules

As we have seen, moringa can be easily introduced into daily nutrition. However, there is another way to enjoy its innumerable nutritional properties and it is represented by the consumption of moringa in powder or in capsules. Moringa leaf powder can be dissolved in hot water or it can be incorporated into beverages and foods such as milk, fruit juices, yoghurts, smoothies, broths and soups.

In the absence of pathologies or simply to start, the recommended dose is 1/2 teaspoons of moringa leaf powder per day (about 2 grams) to be taken at the same time as a meal. The consumption of moringa powder provides two important advantages: flexibility and customization of the dosage.

However, this solution is not very comfortable for those who spend many hours away from home and cannot carry the voluminous package of the integrator. For this reason, the capsule form is the best way to take moringa oleifera.

Moringa capsules are completely natural supplements (they are free of additives and toxic substances) characterized by extreme practicality. Their formulation makes them suitable for transport and the needs of all those who wish to enjoy the benefits of this exceptional plant even when they are at work or traveling.

The administration of the capsules is easy and immediate: just take 2 before each meal to ensure the right daily reserve of wellness and energy. There is a further advantage to be reckoned with: by taking moringa powder mixed in water you run the risk of leaving residues of the integrator in the glass; the capsules, on the other hand, allow you to take the recommended dose entirely and, at the same time, avoid overdosing.

Why take moringa capsules every day?

Now we come to the point: what are the beneficial properties of the Indian superfood of the year? Why is it useful to consume it daily? Here are 10 good reasons to take moringa capsules daily.

1. A large supply of nutrients always at hand

We have already focused on the nutritional properties of the tree of life. However, some numerical data is needed to make the idea of the nourishing and energizing power of moringa capsules. Our moringa capsules contain:

■ vitamin C at a rate seven times higher than present in oranges;

■ four times the amount of calcium supplied by cow’s milk;

■ four times as much vitamin A in carrots;

■ the triple potassium found in bananas;

■ a quantity of proteins twice that provided by one yogurt.

2. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer power of the moringa

The moringa is characterized by its strong antioxidant power, power deriving from the presence, in the leaves of the plant, of substances such as quercetin, chlorogenic acid and rutin. These elements, combined with vitamins (primarily vitamin E) and mineral salts, help to counteract the action of free radicals, thus delaying the aging of organs and skin.

The moringa also exerts an anti-inflammatory and protective action on the immune system: the moringa leaf extracts contained in the capsules are effective in conditions such as respiratory tract diseases, asthma, arthritis and gastritis. Finally, a study carried out by the University of Alabama highlighted the anti-cancer properties of the moringa, attributable, the latter, to the presence of powerful anticancer agents in the bark and leaves of the plant (eugenol and d-allose monosaccharide).

The researchers then stressed the importance of the use of the moringa both in the prevention phase and in the treatment phase for cancer diseases in association with chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

3. The moringa facilitates digestion and helps to lose weight

The moringa contains a good amount of dietary fiber, which is why it facilitates the digestive process and intestinal motility, managing to prevent annoying disorders such as constipation.

This prodigious plant also has the power to speed up metabolism and promote weight loss: to alleviate hunger attacks, to encourage the consumption of excess fats and to get rid of extra pounds as quickly as possible, experts suggest taking 2 / 3 moringa capsules per day, half an hour before main meals. Clearly the intake of moringa in capsules should not replace a healthy and careful diet, but it should be included in a balanced diet plan.

4. The moringa against stress, fatigue and flu

By virtue of the richness of vitamins, proteins and mineral salts, the moringa qualifies as a highly energetic plant that helps fight physical and mental fatigue. Those who practice sporting disciplines at a competitive level or who carry out particularly demanding professions should consume 3 moringa capsules daily.

In doing so, these people would be able to easily meet their nutritional and energy needs and develop better performance and stress management skills. Moringa capsules prove their effectiveness also against flu, fever and osteoarticular pains. It may be useful to take them even after a convalescence phase.

5. The effectiveness of the moringa against herpes simplex and anemia

In the case of infections triggered by herpes simplex, there is no better solution than using moringa capsules: the active ingredients contained in its leaves are even able to prevent the appearance of skin lesions characteristic of the infection, lesions that can sometimes cause itching and pain. The moringa leaf extracts are of great benefit even in the presence of anemia: the moringa improves the absorption of iron and stimulates an increase in red blood cells, keeping the parameters of the latter within the limits of the norm.

6. The moringa promotes ocular health

Taking moringa capsules also means safeguarding the health of your eyes. By virtue of the precious content of antioxidants, essential amino acids, vitamin A, omega 3, 6 and 9, the moringa helps to preserve the retina, to prevent macular degeneration and also favors the restoration of the cornea following a traumatic, surgical or inflammatory injury.

7. Moringa improves the quality of sleep

Taking moringa in capsules can help you to sleep better: among the amino acids present in the plant there is, in fact, tryptophan, the neurotransmitter involved in the production of serotonin and in the regulation of mood and sleep-wake rhythm. In case of sleep disorders, it is advisable to consult your doctor who will advise you on the appropriate supplement dose.

8. The beneficial effects of moringa on the skin

The moringa is an excellent friend of the skin: the vitamin E and the 46 antioxidants contained in its leaves help to fight the dryness of the skin and prevent the formation of spots on the epidermis. Moringa capsules can also be of great help in the treatment of acne: in fact, the plant counteracts the onset by balancing the hormonal balance.

9. The moringa combats diabetes and prevents its onset

According to what has been proven by various researches conducted in universities and international study centers, by regularly consuming moringa it is possible to keep blood glucose levels under control, fighting or preventing the onset of diseases such as diabetes. In the moringa, in particular, there is chlorogenic acid, a substance that is used by the body to regulate the rate of glucose in the blood and which has a beneficial effect on the function of the liver and kidneys which are often altered by diabetes.

10. The moringa helps to normalize blood pressure

Finally, the consumption of moringa capsules favors the normality of blood pressure values and reduces the risk of hypertension. In particular, in the case of high blood pressure, the moringa can be an excellent therapeutic support: the nitric oxide and calcium contained in it perform a targeted action of rebalancing the pressure itself, stimulating the normal functioning of the blood vessels and smooth muscle relaxation.

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