Food supplements to strengthen immune defenses

Food supplement boost immunity system

Low immune defenses, why?

As you well know, the human body is considered as a perfect machine that can adapt to any type of situation. This ability derives largely from the response that the body is able to give when exposed to dangers: if the response is quick and efficient, the problem will be solved in a short time, otherwise complications could arise.

For these reasons, each of us would like a body with high immune defenses, capable of reacting effectively to any issue. Unfortunately, the immune system is very often weakened of non-pathological reasons such as:

  • stress
  • fatigue
  • use of antibiotics
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency
  • Vitamin C – A – D deficiency

Fortunately for us, most of these deficiencies can be compensated by taking food supplements to strengthen the immune system. The causes of pathologies arise instead from an alteration of the immune system and cause the destruction of white blood cells, in this case it may be necessary to support our body with a pharmacological treatment prescribed by a doctor.

What are the non-pathological symptoms?

The problems created by stress are often underestimated and not treated. It is undoubtedly a serious mistake since it has been shown several times how the mental condition manages to affect the physical condition, therefore a tired mind will not be able to defend its body in the best way.

The same applies to the phenomenon of tiredness, which is also very underestimated by people because it is excluded from the possible causes of diseases or body problems. Here, too, it has been made known that a body subjected to continual fatigue has a weaker immune system than normal.

Vitamin deficiency significantly weakens the immune system, specifically the lack of Vitamin C increases the sensitivity to contract infections, the deficiency of Vitamin D compromises the health of the cardiovascular system and the deficiency of Vitamin A makes us subject to colds and flu.

Obviously, the chronic deficiencies of vitamins have far more serious effects, such as blindness for lack of Vitamin A and scurvy for lack of Vitamin C, rickets and osteoporosis for lack of Vitamin D. Pathologies that must be treated with the intervention of a doctor.

How to strengthen the immune system with food supplements?

If our body is a perfect machine, the modern lifestyle we lead is certainly not perfect, which is why it becomes necessary to support our immune system with supplements.

One of the best solutions to relieve any kind of non-pathological problem of the immune system is the intake of supplements to strengthen the immune defenses, these are usually in the form of capsules, tablets or powder and are used to assist the immune system during its normal defense functions against external agents.

Sometimes the problem is in fact simply due to an unhealthy diet or such which has insufficient quantities of certain substances. Food supplements are an effective solution for these problems.

Why choose organic supplements to help your immune system?

As mentioned before, using food supplements is an excellent remedy to fill those gaps caused by your diet and avoid the risk of pathologies, however supplements also have different categories and among these one of the best is precisely that of natural food supplements.

In this category there are several top quality supplements, each of which is marked as Organic.

What is an organic supplement?

Just as for agriculture, the Bio label is a symbol of quality and origin from certified environments. Each organic food has different characteristics, including the absence of pesticides, which make it ideal for consumption, in this way all those cultivation systems that could make the product, even minimally, harmful to the consumer are excluded.

So the natural food supplements are an effective and healthy solution to remedy those gaps caused by a partially incorrect diet, for this reason I will show you some of the best natural food supplements with related characteristics.

What are the best supplements to strengthen your defenses?

There are many food supplements, each with its own characteristic that differentiates it from another. For this reason I will now show you some of the best natural supplements chosen by consumers for their exceptional characteristics:

  1. Moringa Oleifera based supplements: Moringa is one of the oldest plants known, it mostly comes from India but there are also plantations in Africa and South America and, in our case, in the Canaries.

Moringa is well known for its purifying capacity and for this reason in ancient times it was already used by the Egyptians in rivers to collect impurities and transport them to the bottom of the reservoir, thus making the water drinkable.

To date, moringa is one of the best food supplements thanks to the famous RedMoringa organic moringa capsules.

The beneficial properties of this plant are truly numerous: it is well known for its high content of vitamins C and A, Omega 3 and 6, mineral salts and antioxidants.

Just think that Moringa contains 7 times the Vitamin C present in oranges and 4 times the Vitamin A present in carrots, it is the most known antioxidant plant in the world and has known anti-inflammatory and hypotensive properties thanks to Omega 3 and 6.

Through each of these micro nutrients, it manages to regulate and compensate, if taken regularly, the various gaps caused by incorrect nutrition.

So moringa turns out to be one of the best supplements on the market for its incredible nutritional potential!

  1. Magnesium supplements: almost all people are affected at least once during their life by a deficiency of magnesium. This substance is one of the primary bases of our body which serves to regulate the hormonal and energetic activity of our body.

When the body does not have sufficient quantities of magnesium it is tired and stressed, causing general malaise. All this generally derives from a hectic life that leads people to not have a single free moment to relax. So magnesium seems to be one of the most common responses to energy ailments.

By taking magnesium you will quickly notice that you have greater energy and you will feel better about yourself by relieving the general stress in large part, also thanks to its ability to regulate the hormonal system, it can be useful to combat menstrual pain.

  1. Uncaria-based supplements: Uncaria is another plant like Moringa: little known, but with extraordinary properties. It has the characteristic of promoting the production of antibodies in our body, thanks to a characteristic called immunomodulating.

It is a climber that grows mainly in the Amazon that can even reach 30 meters in height. We find historical signs of its use already in the Andean populations who used it to disinfect the joints and prevent infections.

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