Antihistamines and natural remedies for spring allergies


Moringa Oleifera and remedies for spring allergies Spring is coming bringing with it the annoying allergies that do not allow us to fully enjoy this beautiful season. How can RedMoringa 2.0 help us to prevent and combat the seasonal allergies problems? This prodigious food contains the amino acid histidine, a polar type amino acid precursor […]

Coronavirus and vitamin C, clarifications on supplements and benefits


Coronavirus and vitamin C food supplements Vitamin C, of all vitamins, is certainly the most important in the defense of the immune system, especially from flu viruses that cause disturbances to millions of people around the world. The lack of adequate amounts of Vitamin C in our diet leads to a lowering of the defenses […]

What is Moringa? It is a miraculous plant, discover its properties

what is moringa

What is Moringa? Among the many gifts that nature offers us, moringa is one of the most fascinating and beneficial. Moringa oleifera is a very particular plant, widespread especially in tropical areas of the planet. It is a tree, with a trunk characterized by spongy wood, luxuriant roots and thin branches. The crown is made […]

Moringa: 10 reasons to take this superfood every day


Taking Moringa every day? Absolutely yes! But what is Moringa? Known as the “horseradish or radish tree”, the moringa (whose scientific name is Moringa Oleifera) is an Indian plant included in the Moringaceae family. Its cultivation, widespread especially in Latin America, Ethiopia and the Philippines, is promoted by FAO because of the high nutritional power […]