“The Moringa is a plant belonging to the Moringaceae family, originally from India, but also very widespread in Africa and South America. There are 13 species and is commonly called “radish or radish tree”. It was already known by the ancient Romans, the Greeks and the Egyptians who were among the first to exploit the purifying qualities for the water of rivers, streams and lakes and for food liquids in general (even today, in the Valley of the Nile, this shrub it is known as “Shagara al Rauwaq” or “tree that purifies”). The flour obtained from its seeds can in fact capture and “incorporate” the bacterial impurities, making them somewhat heavy and then making them deposit downwards, thus favoring the clarity of the water. The Moringa is very resistant, grows quickly (reaching even 7 meters in height) and bears cold and drought. It is also almost entirely edible, from the roots to the leaves, therefore essential to prevent diseases and malnutrition among populations of some latitudes. The Organization for Food and Agriculture of the United Nations has elected it “culture of the month” for January 2018. ”



Moringa powder is obtained from the leaves and seeds of this tree, which are dried and finely ground, the result is an almost impalpable powder. Moringa contains 9 essential amino acids, 27 vitamins, 46 different antioxidants and many mineral salts. It also contains twice the protein present in a yogurt, four times the vitamin A contained in the carrots, three times the potassium present in bananas and the quadruple of calcium that would be supplied by the milk. It also contains vitamin C in a quantity seven times greater than the presence of this vitamin in oranges. Moringa powder is also rich in vitamin E, which protects our skin and our organs from aging and free radicals action. Finally, the present vitamin A helps to prevent infections and to maintain healthy eyes and eyesight.

In addition, the moringa powder helps to keep weight under control, is beneficial for preventing aging thanks to its antioxidant properties, protects the eyesight and is also used from the cosmetic point of view to mitigate skin spots. Moringa powder also strengthens the immune system, another important aspect in preventing aging. Finally, Moringa helps to keep blood pressure under control, especially in the case of hypertension, it helps memory and could be useful to prevent diabetes.



The benefits of Moringa are many. Some have been scientifically proven and are kept in place by double-blind studies carried out comparing groups of patients treated with Moringa and groups treated with placebo supplements, others instead have their roots in the popular culture and, although not yet confirmed by the scientific community, have been appreciated for decades by users.

At the level of real scientific research, what has been officially declared is the ability of Moringa powder supplements to significantly improve the respiratory conditions of asthmatic patients. An intake of only 3 grams of powder per day for 3 weeks has shown healing effects on all the subjects examined and no side effects!

The Moringa plant is also an excellent ally of the intestine. The healthy intestine is able to assimilate all the micronutrients provided through the integration and feeding and manages to make the body function at its full potential. It seems that the phytosterols present in very high doses inside the Moringa leaves are able to protect the intestine from inflammatory states and to help in an important way in the treatment of chronic colitis, often the inevitable cause of malabsorption and daily intestinal discomfort.

The high content of vitamins of the group B, vitamin C and antioxidants also makes it an excellent ally to help the weakened immune system regain its natural vigor. Therefore, a targeted integration is useful during periods of intense psychophysical stress or during flu states.

Among the major benefits of Moringa we can also add that it helps to improve the absorption of iron, promoting the prevention of anemia or physical recovery.

The high content of antioxidants makes the Moringa leaf powder an excellent protective vessel, which helps to calm the states of hypertension and which, by regulating the blood flow, is able to promote the well-being of the organism and above all to improve the general tonicity. Important effects therefore also in the support of the metabolism stalled and the improvement of hormonal values.